Ecuador’s capital city in the clouds is a gateway to many things: to indigenous and colonial cultures, to the surrounding lakes and volcanoes, and to the more far-flung destinations of the Amazon and Galapagos. Discover the charming streets of the UNESCO World Heritage Historic Centre, check out some of the country’s finest cultural museums and get involved with the nightlife and foodie scene.

What to do in Quito

  • Visit the Casa del Alabado pre-Columbian art museum
  • Drink with the locals in craft beer microbreweries
  • Check out the gold-covered La Compañía church
  • Admire the colonial skyline from the top of the Basilica del Voto Nacional
  • Cleanse your energy with an Andean limpia ritual

Eating and drinking

Quito has a sophisticated international foodie scene as well as well-stocked street food markets, plus late-night bars and clubs to get down with the locals.

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