Hotels and Hostels in Ecuador

We’ve traveled the entire country looking for the best places for you to stay! Here you will find the list of our recommended hotels and hostels in Ecuador. BONUS: We also offer hotel and hostel pick up from all the listed places in Quito.

The Wanderbus offers hotel and hostel pick up only in Quito since the city is very large. If you’re staying in another accommodation (AirBnB, friend’s house, another hotel or hostel, etc.) you will have to meet at one of our set pick-up points in touristic areas, at either The Blue House Hostel near Plaza Foch or Plaza Belmonte.

In Baños, Cuenca and Montañita we only offer set pick up points from the main touristic areas. Due to the logistics of some streets or neighborhoods, as well as the small size of these other cities, we are not able to pick up everyone from their individual hostels or hotels in Baños, Cuenca and Montañita. You can use our planning guide to see where the pick up points will be so you can plan your trip accordingly.

What is the difference between a hotel and a hostel in Ecuador?

In Hostels you can find dorms (shared rooms with space for 4 or more people), as well as private rooms that are available. Hostels are also more focused on community, so you will usually find daily planned activities as well as a common area and shared spaces.

In hotels you will only find private rooms. Hotels are more focused on resting, privacy, and personalized service.

Hotel and Hostel Recommendations when traveling to Ecuador

Hotels and Hostels in Quito

(we offer pick ups in all the places listed in Quito)
Quito is the capital city of Ecuador. It’s a big city with plenty of personality and lots of culture. Most hotels and hostels in Quito are located in two tourist neighborhoods — La Mariscal and the Old Town — where you can also find lots of things to do. The Blue House Hostel is one of two permanent Wanderbus pick up points in Quito.

Pick-ups start at around 5.30 am until about 6.30 am. Log in to Your Account to confirm the pick-up time at your specific accommodation.

La Mariscal and Northern Quito

Old Town Quito

Hotels and Hostels in Cotopaxi

Cotopaxi National Park has 2 entrances: North and South. The Wanderbus Pick up is at the South Entrance. All hotels and hostels located in this area are outside of the National Park (except Tambopaxi, which is near the North Entrance). You can take a short and cheap taxi ride to/from the hostels and hotels located near to the South Entrance. If you are staying in a place near the North Entrance, you’ll need to take a taxi or pick-up truck for about 45 minutes to/from the South Entrance for around $20. If you are staying in or around the town of Machachi, a taxi to the South Entrance takes about 30 minutes and will cost around $8.

Town Accommodation Price Range
North side of Machachi Secret Garden Cotopaxi $33-$145
North side of Machachi Hacienda Porvenir $23-$245
Machachi Hotel Casa Sakiwa $20-$50
Machachi Chilcabamba Lodge $60-$196
Near the south entrance of Cotopaxi Cuello de Luna $23-$124
Near the south entrance of Cotopaxi Hotel Rondador Cotopaxi $17-$25
Near the south entrance of Cotopaxi Cuscungo Cotopaxi Hostel & Lodge $10-$25
Near the south entrance of Cotopaxi Tambopaxi $25-$312

Hotels and Hostels in Quilotoa

There are many hotels and hotels that will give you access to Quilotoa and the Quilotoa Loop. There are a few located right next to the crater in the town of Quilotoa but there are also more hotels and hotels located in neighboring towns, where you will have to take a taxi to the Wanderbus pick up point.

Town Accommodation Price Range Distance to pick up point
Quilotoa Runa Wasi Quilotoa $25-$90 5min walking
Quilotoa Hosteria Alpaka Quilotoa $18-$105 4min walking
Chugchilan The Black Sheep Inn $35-$100 30min by car
Chugchilan Vaquero Hostel $20-$70 30min by car
Chugchilan Hostal Cloud Forest $18-$110 30min by car
Isinlivi Llullu Llama Mountain Lodge $22-$155 1h 35min by car
Isinlivi Hostal Taita Cristobal $17-$85 1h 35min by car
Sigchos Hosteria San José de Sigchos $77-$185 55min by car
Sigchos Hostal Dinos by Hurvinek $15-$70 1hour by car

Hotels and Hostels in Baños

Baños is the adventure capital of Ecuador. It is a very small town, and everything is in walking distance (it usually takes between 5-10 minutes to get everywhere).

Accommodation Price Range Walking time to pick up point
Community Hostel $10 – $30 5 min
Great Hostel Los Pinos $9 – $58 5 min
Hostal Casa Real Spa $35 -$125 5 min
Hostal La Casa Del Molino Blanco $10 – $45.50 11 min
Posada Del Arte $45 – $155 6 min
Hostal Princesa María $9 – $35 7 min
Selina $12 – $120 1 min
Hotel La Floresta $100 – $120 6 min

Hotels and Hostels in Alausi

Alausi is a town located in the Andes mountains and is famous for the Devil’s Nose Train. There are a few places to stay here and they are very close to the pick up point.

Accommodation Price Range Walking time to pick up point
Community Hostel Alausi $15-$90 2min
Hotel Europa $65-$120 7min

Hotels and Hostels in Cuenca

Cuenca is an easily-walkable medium sized city located in the south of Ecuador. It is very safe and most hotels and hostels are located in the historic center in the middle of the city.

Accommodation Price Range Walking time to pick up point
Selina $7 – $100 7 min
Pepe’s House $17 – $90 8 min
Siena Hotel $25 – $60 7 min
La Cigale $9 – $50 6 min
Hostal Latina $14 – $55 6 min
Casa San Rafael $30 – $75 7 min

Hotels and Hostels in Guayaquil

Guayaquil is the largest city in Ecuador with tons of places to stay. Here are our top recommendations for hotels and hostels here, we also recommended to take a taxi if you’re traveling anywhere in this city.

Accommodation Price Range Distance to pick up point
The Holiday Inn Guayaquil $130-$230 At the pick up point
Manso Boutique Guest House $12-$70 20min by car
Dreamkapture Hostel $8-$35 15min by car
Hostel Nucapacha $16 20min by car
Nazu City Hostel $16-$45 20min by car

Hotels and Hostels in Montañita

Montañita is a small party town located on the beach. If you want to hit the party scene look for a hostel or hotel in the heart of the town, if not, there are many beautiful hotels and hostels located a little farther away in quieter areas where you can get a restful sleep.

Accommodation Price Range Walking time to pick up point
Selina $12 – $145 3 min
Kundalini $15 – $175 3 min
Nativa Bambu Ecolodge $95 – $105 1 min
Rocio Boutique Hotel $45 – $170 12 min
Hidden House Hostel $6 – $30 3 min
Cabañas Montañita $15 – $170 3 min

Hotels and Hostels in Ayampe

Ayampe is a very small relaxing beach town. Here you’ll find a few hotels and hotels all within walking distance of everything!

Accommodation Price Range Walking time to pick up point
Spondylus Lodge $17 – $135 3 min
Finca Punta Ayampe $55 – $130 10 min
La Buena Vida BB $30 – $115 4 min
Hostal Los Orishas $20 – $40 4 min
Vistamar Guesthouse $40 – $75 3 min
Aloha Ayampe $45 – $80 3 min
Las Cabañas de la Iguana $20 – $50 4 min

Hotels and Hostels in Puerto López

Puerto López is a beautiful coastal town with lots of great places to stay. You can easily walk to most places here but there are some locations that are a little farther away, where you can still walk but you can also take a taxi.

Accommodation Price Range Walking time to pick up point
Hotel Piedra del Mar $18 – $30 At the pick up point
Hosteria Mandala $60 – $170 15 min
Hosteria La Terraza $60 – $120 19 min
Victor Hugo Hotel $56 – $95 11 min
Hosteria Cabanas Itapoa $21 – $135 7 min
Hostel Los Islotes Beach Front $9 – $30 2 min
Monte Libano $24 – $65 10 min

Hotels and Hostels in Mindo

Mindo is a small town surrounded in beautiful Mindo-Nambillo cloud forest and is home to hundreds of species of birds. There are great places to stay and most of them are close to our pick up point.

Accommodation Price Range Walking time to pick up point
Cinnamon House $9 – $25 5 min
La Casa de Cecilia $9 – $60 5 min
Cabañas Armonía y Jardín de Orquídeas $25 – $145 5 min
Mindo Real $27 – $35 5 min


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