Ecuador prices: Everything you need to know

Traveling on a budget will vary greatly between countries. If you’re traveling to Ecuador, you’ve struck gold, quite literally. As one of the top budget destinations in Latin America, you get a [...]


How to choose the best hostel in Ecuador

When you return from a trip and recall your experiences, you’ll realize that your take on a certain place or city depends, in large part, on the hostel where you stayed. At the end of the day — [...]


Hop on hop off in Ecuador

Travelers who choose the hop-on-hop-off travel option are judged unfairly. The assumption is that anyone that does hop-on-hop off in Ecuador isn’t a real traveler. They don’t get down and dirty [...]


5 cool things you can find in Otavalo Market

Otavalo Market is the largest market in Ecuador, and is a great place to get to learn about the people of the Andes. Located in a valley in Imbabura, Otavalo is also a great base to visit the [...]


5 Extreme activities to do in Baños

Baños is renowned for its extreme sports such as abseiling or bungee jumping. Tourists from all around the world including other regions of Ecuador come here to get their thrills. Its location on [...]


Solo female travel in Ecuador: is it safe?

With the trend of solo female travel on the rise, this is a common question among female travelers to Ecuador. The short answer is: Yes! Ecuador is a safe destination for solo female travelers. [...]


Free Guides: All You Need To Know About Ecuador

Ecuador is the country of four worlds in the middle of the world. Here you’ll find the Galapagos, the Pacific Coast, the Andes and the Amazon, all in close proximity. It’s an unbelievably diverse [...]


6 Cool things to do in Cuenca

Cuenca is beautiful laid-back colonial city in the South of the Ecuadorian Andes. We love it for its sophisticated artsy scene, as well as its rich history and yummy food spots. It is the third [...]


6 Awesome Activities to do in Montañita

Montañita is a village with surf and hippy vibes galore on the Ecuadorian coast. With an amazing beach, said to be one of the most beautiful in the region, great parties, and delicious food, [...]


Quito to Puerto Lopez: How to get there and things to do in Puerto Lopez!

There are a few destinations along the Ecuadorian coastline that you won’t want to miss during your trip, and one of these is Puerto Lopez. In the following blog we’ll give you tips on how to get [...]

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Hiking The Quilotoa Loop

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