Free Guides: All You Need To Know About Ecuador

Ecuador is the country of four worlds in the middle of the world. Here you’ll find the Galapagos, the Pacific Coast, the Andes and the Amazon, all in close proximity. It’s an unbelievably diverse and contrasting land that packs a huge amount into an incredibly small area – it’s only the size of Colorado State or Great Britain. Measured by square mile, Ecuador is the world’s most biodiverse country – and a brilliant place for adventures in culture and nature.

Below, you’ll find a range of free guides we’ve produced to help you get to know the country better and plan your visit. They’re full of tips and advice for making the most of your time, from attractions, routes, hiking, biking, rafting and surfing, as well containing plenty of info on travelling safe and what to eat where.

We hope you’ll find the guides useful for your trip to Ecuador, with any luck aboard the Wanderbus, the country’s first and only hop on, hop off travel option. Do send us your feedback!

Free Guides

The Ecuador Guide

> Exclusive tips from Ñan Ecuador, Ecuador’s iconic travel magazine

> Fun facts about Ecuador, one of the most bio-diverse countries in the world

> Our favorite places to visit and how to get there

> Recommendations on food, festivities and destinations

> Important information on visas and travel documents

The Ecuador Guide

A guide to hiking the Quilotoa Loop

> Everything You Need To Know For Hiking The Quilotoa Loop

> The route, the Quilotoa Loop can be followed in numerous ways

> How to get there, three main ways to get to the Quilotoa Loop

> Where to stay, pricing guide and recommendations from travellers

> Important information such as the packing list


Guide to Baños:  Get the most out of your tip

> How to get there, you’ll find several modes of transport that will get you to Baños

> Popular activities, for all types of travellers

> Planning your time, suggestions for your time in Baños

> Where to stay, pricing guide and recommendations

Guide to Baños

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