Baños to Quito Bus: Tips and Recommendations

Need a little help with your Baños to Quito bus trip? We got you covered! So, how DO you plan on traveling between these places while staying safe, using your time wisely, and enjoying yourself, all without wanting to rip your hair out?!

You can take public transportation, but according to all the evidence of bus travel in Ecuador, this may be Plan Z for you. Thankfully, there’s another option that turns boring transportation into a tour that’s fun, safe, and actually worth your time (and more importantly, your money!!). Check it out here!

Quito to Baños bus

How long does it take for going from Baños to Quito by bus?

Well, that depends on the type of adventure you’re looking for. If you want to just get to Quito as fast as you can, opt for the public bus. It will take you from the terminal in Baños to Quitumbe in about 3.5 hours. The tricky part is then finding a taxi or an Uber to take you from the terminal in the south of the city to your hotel or hostel, which may take up to an hour, and cost more than the public bus itself. If you’re thinking about this option, you should learn more about traveling in Ecuador by bus, including all the fun little details and logistics.

If you’re looking to do something different and maybe even visit some places you’ve never even heard of, the Wanderbus might be perfect for you. You can travel from Baños to Quito in a day, with the option to hop off somewhere in the jungle, and live in the rainforest for a few days (or weeks) if you want!

Baños to Quito tour

Why choose the Wanderbus experience?

Let me paint you a little picture: when I traveled from Baños to Quito on the public bus I was on edge the whole time so I wasn’t able to sleep, even though it was 10pm, and way past my bedtime.

There were also tons of people getting on and off the bus at random stops, including vendors yelling in the middle of the night. On top of it all, when I arrived in Quito and I had to be escorted out of the bus terminal by security because THEY didn’t think I was safe. Finally, I ended up paying about 3 times as much for my taxi back home compared to the bus. 

Wanderbus passes are the perfect way to balance traveling independently, while also seeing new things without all the hassle of planning it yourself. When on these buses, I can sleep like a baby, with my new phone (laptop, camera, etc.) in the seat next to me, and if I wanted I could ask the bus driver to stop and take my picture in the middle of the road, and feel perfectly safe the whole time.

Quito to Baños stops

Best stops along the way

There are tons of cool places you can visit along the way. Here are some of my personal favorites:

  • Puyo: Here you can find lots of things to do, like visiting rescue animal centers, hiking in the jungle, swimming in waterfalls, and then to finish the day, watching the sunset over the river.
  • Puerto Misahuallí: This is THE place to go if you’re dying to see monkeys! Head down the riverfront, hop in a canoe and they’ll take you the best places to spot monkeys, and other animals like caiman and lots of different types of birds.
  • Santa Rita Community: Imagine world-famous chocolate. I think I made my point.
  • Archidona: Here you can explore caves (like really explore, like you might be swimming) in the jungle –check out Elephant Caves and Jumandi Caves.
  • Papallacta: After a long day of hiking, canoeing, eating chocolate, and caving, you’ll definitely want to spend an hour or five at Papallacta thermal hot springs, they’re the best ones in all of Ecuador.

Wanderbus combinations for going from Baños to Quito

Wanderbus has tons of passes that can take you from Baños to Quito, and you’ll be able to stop at lots of amazing places in the jungle too.

To travel from Baños to Quito we have the Cotinga Pass that will take you to Quito in a day with tons of jungle adventures along the way. If you’re looking to travel the entire country as well as get a taste of the Amazon, check out the Wanderpass + Amazona Pass. Lastly, those of you like me who want to leave from Quito, spend a few days in Baños doing crazy things, like canyoning or rafting, then go back to Quito, the Wanderpass Express is perfect for you. This will be your best choice for a Baños to Quito bus that money can buy!

Baños to Quito bus

Wanderbus Ecuador

Wanderbus Ecuador is more than a bus, it is a flexible guided experience. You’re able to explore all of Ecuador with the experts by your side, it’s super safe, and you can plan your trip based on your schedule. If you’re looking for the best option to travel from Baños to Quito while also exploring Ecuador’s Amazon, Wanderbus is perfect for you!


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