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Don’t risk public transport – Our buses, drivers and guides are safe and reliable



The fun begins the minute you board the Wanderbus with our guide and like-minded travellers

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Visit must-see destinations and hidden gems. Get a true impression of Ecuador and its people



Safer than public transport, cheaper than tour operators, we take you off-the-beaten track to experience all of Ecuador!


Public buses are cheap but often fall prey to pickpockets, they’re prone to accidents, and have unreliable timetables. On top of all that, it takes you three times longer than it should to get you where you want to go!
Be wise – value your time, and your new camera!

Tour operators offer safety and quality, but are regimented and pricey. Connectivity between destinations is poor and, at the end of the day, it’s just a typical tour with no flexibility or opportunity to be spontaneous.
Be wise – stay true to your individuality, and your budget!

We hand-pick the best of everything in the market. Our great-value passes include must-see destinations, stopping along the way at off-the-beaten track spots for local experiences and once-in-a-lifetime adventures.
Be wise – travel flexible!


Share our vision of Ecuador’s immensely varied geography and people, living it through the eyes of the locals with our carefully-designed itineraries that combine some of Ecuador’s must-see destinations (like Cotopaxi, Quilotoa, Baños, Cuenca and the beaches…) with lots of off-the-beaten-track stops along the way.

  • On the Quito-Baños route, we stop at the small town of Pujilí where we meet an artisan in his workshop designing amazing Corpus Christi costumes and wander the Friday market.
  • On the Baños-Cuenca route, we get way off the beaten track to visit the Ozogoche Lakes, high up in the páramo of Sangay National Park, where we roam in the wilds and meet the women who’ll make us a hearty, home-cooked lunch.
  • Between Cuenca and Guayaquil, we stop at a fascinating tropical farm to learn about cacao and chocolate-making.
  • We stop at Puerto Cayo and Puerto López on the coast.


We know that independent travel is all about discovering new places, new cultures, new foods, new friends. All our Wanderbus passes are conceived with this idea in the mind. With us you’ll…

  • Hike at over 4,000 m (13.000 ft)
  • Cook a typical coastal breakfast
  • Learn to interact in Spanish and Quichua
  • Discover the source of chocolate
  • Bungee, bike or raft in Baños
  • Try new foods like hornado and delicious ice-creams
  • Visit local markets
  • Meet remote, indigenous communities



Our safety record is one of the top reasons travellers choose the Wanderbus. We know that safety is a great concern for those on the road in foreign countries, particularly in Ecuador where public transport sadly has a poor track record in road accidents and tourists are targeted in petty crime.

Wanderbus safety measures:

  • All our trips are led by experienced, professional guides
  • We only use new, comfortable buses (reclining seats are a comfy bonus!)
  • We perform maintenance checks on them every week – faulty buses are often the cause of accidents in Ecuador
  • All our drivers are background-checked and certified
  • We know exactly who is on the bus and do not make unscheduled stops to pick up strangers


Make the right choice

The Wanderbus was formed by an A-Team of travel experts and innovators. Some of us are Ecuadorians by birth, others by long-held affection for the country; what we all share is a love for each of its regions, and a frustration that some of the most spectacular of its attractions have been inaccessible to those who want to see them the most. That is, until now.

Combining our experiences from our travels around the world and our expertise in different professional fields, we came up with a way to share the Ecuador that we know and love with other passionate travellers.

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Best Price Guarantee

If you find something cheaper that includes all of our stops we’ll match the price!



The footprint we leave on our surroundings and on the communities we encounter is paramount to us and a pillar of the Wanderbus vision.
We use local products as much as possible — our free snacks onboard are Ecuadorian plantain chips, not Oreos! — and we’ve cut down on single-use plastic by including 5-gallon water bottles for you to fill up your water bottles with, for free.
We encourage you to expand your Spanish vocabulary and learn Quichua words while on-board, and we visit craftspeople and food stalls that we know you’ll appreciate and learn from.
Everyone in our supply chain is paid a fair wage and well treated. By visiting off-the-beaten-track places, we are generating revenues for communities who would struggle more without our positive impact. We are currently working on various ways to deepen the social impact we create, by working more closely with rural communities as well as urban initiatives. These either foment fair-trade or benefit women directly.

Want to give back?

Get stuck in to the local culture, learn new ways of thinking, and share your own valuable experiences with a volunteering programme. Contact us for more information

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