Playa Montañita: Ecuador’s surf and beach party town

A beachtown best known for its surf and nightlife, Montañita is the destination for those of you that want to party, meet other travellers and bask in the equator’s rays. In the following blog, [...]


Where to spend New Year’s Eve in Ecuador

New Year’s Eve is coming up and it’s one of the most important nights of the year: we set our intentions for the new year, we spend time with people we love and we celebrate our [...]


6 Awesome Activities to do in Montañita

Montañita is a village with surf and hippy vibes galore on the Ecuadorian coast. With an amazing beach, said to be one of the most beautiful in the region, great parties, and delicious food, [...]


Why Montañita is one of our top destinations

You should visit Montañita if you are looking for the perfect beach location on the Ecuadorian coast. Montañita is a small village nestled on the Pacific coast of Ecuador, known for its beautiful [...]


Wander Destinations: Montañita

When traveling in Ecuador a visit to the beach-town of Montañita is a must. Its amazing surfing, great food spots, crazy partying, perfect beach, and general awesomeness make it very popular! [...]


Top Ten Places to Party in Montañita

Welcome to Montañita, Ecuador’s biggest party town! From beach lounging to hardcore partying, here are a few of our favourite spots to hit up for drinks and more. If you’ve made it to the [...]

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