Cuyabeno wildlife reserve in Ecuador

There are few places in the world as wild and spectacular as the Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve in Ecuador. This Amazon wonderland can be visited over a short 2-4 days and is easily accessible from [...]


Our Top Ecuador Family Tours

Many parents might be intimidated at the prospect of traveling to Ecuador, or really any international destination, which children. There are so many unpredictable factors, among which are safety [...]


Guayaquil for solo travelers

Are you wondering how is Guayaquil for solo travelers? Guayaquil is the largest city in Ecuador (twice as large as Quito!) and is also a major port along the southern coast. It’s a gateway to [...]


Best hikes in Ecuador: Wanderbus top 5

Ecuador is quickly becoming a top destination in South America. One of the reasons for this is because of its geographic diversity and relatively small size. Over a relatively short vacation, you [...]


Ecuador facts that you may not know

Apart from learning indecent phrases in a new language, I really enjoy memorizing lesser-known facts about the country I’m visiting. Here are a few Ecuador facts that might make you say, “Hm!”, [...]


Recommendations on food in Ecuador

According to most of my fellow travelers, one of the main reasons to roam the world is to expand culinary horizons. Fortunately, Ecuador’s amazing diversity is also reflected in its cuisine, so [...]