Get to know the best Ecuador activities. Ecuador is a nature- and adventure-lover’s paradise. With such varied geography – ranging from the Amazon to the Andes to the cloudforests to the Pacific Coast – there’s something for everyone here.


Hire a bike and tour Ecuador’s cities, or take on some of the country’s most awesome volcanic and jungle landscapes on two wheels.

Do it in: Quito, Quilotoa, Baños, Cotopaxi


Hikes in Ecuador are the most hands-on, awesome way to experience the lakes, cloud forests and windswept páramos of Ecuador’s national parks, with options ranging from a couple of hours to several days, including camping.

Do it in: Quito, El Cajas National Park, Baños, Ingapirca, Ozogoche


With some of the most impressive volcanic peaks in the world, Ecuador is a climber’s delight. Easier summits like Cotopaxi can be attempted by beginners accompanied by experienced guides, while others are pro-only zones.

Do it in: Cotopaxi, El Cajas National Park, Quito, Baños


There’s not much like the adrenaline of rafting your first white waters. The adventure lands of the upper Amazon are the perfect place to feel the thrill, for beginners and experts alike.

Do it in: Baños


The impressive Montañita surf attracts pros from all over the world but also offers a safe and reliable spot for beginners. Lessons here are great value for money, with the added bonus of a friendly, well-established surf community.

Do it in: Montañita


Explore Ecuador’s chocolate legacy with a hands-on cacao experience, learning from the locals where it grows, how it’s harvested and how it’s transformed into everyone’s favourite treat.

Do it in: Guayaquil


Learn how to recreate your favourite dishes with an Ecuador cooking class, discovering the herbs, spices, seafood and produce that give each region its distinctive flavours.

Do it in: Quito, Cuenca, Guayaquil


A walk around town is all the better with local guide who’ll tell you stuff that the Ecuador guide books won’t. Cuenca city tours and Quito city tours are best by foot.

Do it in: Quito, Cuenca

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