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The best way to travel from the highland capital city to the tropical coast.




Beginning and ending in Ecuador’s two most dynamic cities, this pass takes in all the mainland’s diverse regions from the mountainous highlands to the tropical coast, with enchanted jungle valleys and a charming colonial city in between.

Don’t stress! Once you have booked your pass, you can change your dates to fit your itinerary. Once you start your trip, you’ll also be able to change departure dates. All changes are free and immediate (with 24 hours’ notice and subject to availability).

Main Stops

  • Cotopaxi
  • Quilotoa
  • Baños
  • Guamote or Riobamba market
  • Ozogoche
  • Cuenca
  • El Cajas National Park
  • Cacao hacienda
  • Guayaquil
  • And many other short stops along the way!


  • Delve into the amazing gold churches, perfect plazas and charming streets of Quito’s Old Town, the first UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • Explore the stunning Cotopaxi National Park by foot, bike or horseback with a chance to climb one of the world’s highest active volcanoes.
  • Take in the awesome sights and vibe of Quilotoa Lake, a brilliant turquoise, 400-metre deep caldera created from volcanic eruptions thousands of years ago.
  • Raft, hike, bungee jump and soak in hot springs in the valley of Baños on the borders of the Highlands and Amazon.
  • Discover the picture-perfect plazas and off-beat, colonial vibe of Cuenca.
  • Hike the 200 lakes, lunar landscapes and enchanted cloud forests of El Cajas National Park.
  • Learn how chocolate really does grow on trees (and mangos too) with an authentic cacao experience in a real-life hacienda.
  • End up in the vibrant city of Guayaquil, the gateway to the Galapagos.

Recommended Full Itinerary

Remember, this itinerary is just our suggestion – you can hop on and hop off at any of the main stops, extending your trip for as long as you like!

Day 1: Quito to Baños

Departure Days: Monday, Wednesday & Friday

Pick up points and times

Point 1: Plaza Foch 6:10 am. View map
Point 2: Plaza Belmonte 6:30 am. View map

Time Activity
06:00-07:00 Depart from Quito from your selected pick-up point.
08:00 Stop for breakfast
09:30 Guidance at Cotopaxi National Park, home to one of the world’s highest active volcanoes.
11:30 Depart Cotopaxi
12:00 Short visit to charming Pujili, a town famous for its dancers. Traditional lunch.
13:00 Depart Pujili
14:15 Guidance at Quilotoa. Explore the 3km-wide turquoise volcanic crater lake.
16:15 Depart Quilotoa
19:30-20:00 Arrive in Baños, home to steaming volcanoes, explosive waterfalls and hot thermal springs.

Day 2

FREE DAY to take a guided bike tour from La Casa del Arbol swing (selfie stick at the ready!) to the awesome Devil’s Cauldron waterfall.

Day 3

FREE DAY to explore the subtropical town, rafting in jungle ravines, bungee jumping into the valley, spotting exotic birds, hiking in the foothills of the active Tungurahua volcano and finishing the day soaking in steaming hot springs.

Day 4: Baños to Cuenca

Departure Days: Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday

Pick up points and times

Point 1: Baños bus terminal 6:30 am. View map
Point 2: Parque la basílica 6:40 am. View map

Time Activity
06:30-07:00 Depart from Baños from your selected pick-up point.
09:30 15-minute stop at the mirror-like Colta lake and Balbanera church for photos.
10:00 Visit Guamote or Riobamba to explore one of the most authentic markets in the country. Time for a local breakfast in the market.
11:00 Depart Guamote or Riobamba.
12:00 Guidance at Ozogoche, 45 lagoons for hiking, fishing and spotting highland wildlife amid dramatic landscapes.
13:00 Lunch at Ozogoche, made by the local community.
14:30 Depart Ozogoche.
15:00 Short stop to visit Alausi. Those who wish to take the train hop off at Alausi.
19:30-20:00 Arrive in Cuenca, ready to explore one of South America’s most intact colonial cities.

Day 5

FREE DAY to explore the historic and bohemian charms of Cuenca, including visiting the Pumapungo Inca ruins, walking along the riverside, checking out the art galleries and shops, visiting a convent and enjoying the cafés, bars and clubs.

Day 6

FREE DAY to discover more of the treasures just outside the city, exploring Inca ruins in Ingapirca, marvelling at the beautiful river and skilled artisans of Gualaceo, and soaking in the volcanic hot springs under the stars.

Day 7: Cuenca to Guayaquil

Departure Days: Wednesday, Friday & Sunday

Pick up points and times

Point 1: Parque Calderón (main entrance to the Cathedral) 7:00 am. View map

Time Activity
07:00 Depart from Cuenca from your pick-up point.
08:00 Guidance at El Cajas National Park for a wet and wild adventure among 200 lakes.
09:15 Depart from El Cajas.
09:30 Stop for breakfast
11:30 Visit at hacienda for the cacao experience and lunch.
13:00 Depart hacienda.
15:15 Arrive in Guayaquil.


If you want to do the Quilotoa loop, add three to four days to your itinerary.
If you want to take the Devil’s Nose train from Alausi, add two days to your itinerary. Hop off at Alausi, stay the night and board the Tren Ecuador early the next morning.

In Riobamba, our first town stop depends on which day the market is.
Tuesday: Riobamba hornado market
Thursday: Guamote
Saturday: Riobamba fair

Passengers hopping off at Guayaquil must all be dropped off at Holiday Inn Guayaquil Airport.

If you want to go to Galapagos from Guayaquil add five to seven days to your itinerary.

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