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The most adventure-filled way to travel from the jungle valley to the colonial city.




From an adventure-filled valley on the edge of the jungle to a charming colonial city of elegance and culture, descend the length of Ecuador’s Andean spine discovering the dramatically diverse landscapes of the highlands as you go.

Don’t stress! Once you have booked your pass, you can change your dates to fit your itinerary. Once you start your trip, you’ll also be able to change departure dates. All changes are free and immediate (with 8 hours’ notice and subject to availability).

Main Stops

  • Guamote or Riobamba market
  • Ozogoche
  • Cuenca
  • And many other short stops along the way!


  • Raft, hike, bungee jump and soak in hot springs in the valley of Baños on the borders of the Highlands and Amazon.
  • Explore the charming, unspoiled markets of Guamote or Riobamba, soaking in the local highland life.
  • Take photos of the mirage-like Colta lake, reflecting the white peak of Chimborazo like a mirror.
  • Hike enchanting Ozogoche: 45 lakes and lagoons flanked by wild grass planes, snow-capped mountains and the freshest air you’ll ever breathe.
  • Discover the picture-perfect plazas and off-beat, colonial vibe of Cuenca.

Recommended Full Itinerary

Remember, this itinerary is just our suggestion – you can hop on and hop off at any of the main stops, extending your trip for as long as you like!

Day 1: Baños to Cuenca

Departure days: Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday

Pick up points and times

Point 1: Parque la basílica 6:30 am. View map

06:30-07:00Depart from Baños from your selected pick-up point.
09:3015-minute stop at the mirror-like Colta lake and Balbanera church for photos.
10:00Visit Guamote or Riobamba to explore one of the most authentic markets in the country. Time for a local breakfast in the market.
11:00Depart Guamote or Riobamba.
12:00Guidance at Ozogoche, 45 lagoons for hiking, fishing and spotting highland wildlife amid dramatic landscapes.
13:00Lunch at Ozogoche, made by the local community.
14:30Depart Ozogoche.
15:00Short stop to visit Alausi. Those who wish to take the train hop off at Alausi.
19:30-20:00Arrive in Cuenca, ready to explore one of South America’s most intact colonial cities.


Bear in mind that, due to our bus schedules, you may need to add one extra day to our recommended itineraries at some stops before continuing your trip. It all depends on the day of the week. Please check our Timetables and Planning Guide.

If you want to take the Devil’s Nose train from Alausi, add two days to your itinerary.

In Riobamba, our first town stop depends on which day the market is.
Tuesday: Riobamba hornado market
Thursday: Guamote Saturday: Riobamba fair
If you want to take the Devil’s Nose train, hop off at Alausi, stay the night and board the Tren Ecuador early the next