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Loop around Ecuador + Amazona Pass

$269 USD $239 USD

Your greatest Ecuadorian adventure, from the incredible beaches on the coast, to the beautiful scenery in the mountains, to the tropical paradise of the jungle; this pass has everything you need to see the real Ecuador.

Available June 10


Once you’ve booked, you can reschedule your itinerary anytime. All changes are free and immediate.

What’s included in this trip:

  •  11 activities included
  • Hotel and hostel pick up in Quito
  • Visit a traditional family farm and enjoy a free breakfast on the Quito – Baños route
  • Walk around Limpiopungo Lake in Cotopaxi National Park and get the best views of Cotopaxi Volcano
  • Guidance at Quilotoa Crater with a light hike to the best viewpoints of the turquoise lake
  • Take a canoe ride in the Amazon Jungle to see wild monkeys and do some birdwatching
  • Gaze at the first church in Ecuador in Colta and learn about Ecuador’s history
  • Experience traditional markets in Riobamba or Guamote to get a taste of the local food from the Andes
  • Get off-the-beaten track with a walk to the Lakes of Ozogoche in Sangay National Park and get to know the locals at a remote indigenous community
  • Walk around the famous El Cajas National Park and learn about the wildlife of the park
  • Tour a cacao farm to learn about famous Ecuadorian chocolate and make your sweet treats in the traditional way
  • Learn about paja toquilla and Panama Hats at a local community famous for their weaving
  • Get a taste of Manabi culture at a local family farm in the coastal region

We always include:

  • English/Spanish-speaking guide during the full tour
  • Comfortable, safe buses with excellent drivers
  • Meet locals, visit communities, and learn the culture

Hop-off points you can explore on your own:

  • Quito: Experience this UNESCO Heritage site, visit the equator at the Middle of the World, and ride the TeleferiQo
  • Cotopaxi: After your hike inside this national park with Wanderbus, hop off here to hike up the volcano, take a horseback ride, or explore the beautiful town of Machachi.
  • Quilotoa: After exploring Quilotoa with your Wanderbus guide, hop off here to hike around or inside the crater and spend the night!
  • Baños: Raft, bike, bungee, relax in thermal baths, swing off the edge of the world, and visit famous waterfalls
  • Tena: Discover the lush jungle from this town, raft or kayak down the rivers, and explore tons of waterfalls
  • Puerto Misahuallí: Adventure deeper into the Amazon and canoe down the Napo river
  • Riobamba: Explore local culture and mountain climbing at Chimborazo Volcano
  • Alausi: Ride the Devil’s Nose Train and walk around this charming small town
  • Cuenca: Wander around the Old Town, visit tons of museums, and venture to Ingapirca ruins
  • Guayaquil: Explore Ecuador’s biggest city, walk along the Malecon, and fly to the Galapagos Islands
  • Montañita: Surf, party, and relax at the beach
  • Puerto Lopez: Whale watch on the coast and visit Los Frailes Beach

Recommended Full Itinerary

Remember, this itinerary is just our suggestion – you can hop on and hop off at any of the main stops, extending your trip for as long as you like!

Wanderpass + Amazona Map

Day 1: Quito to Baños

Departure days: Every day except Sunday

Pick up points and times

Point 1: Plaza Belmonte 6:00 am. View map
Point 2: Plaza Foch 6:20 am. View map
Starting June 24: Hostel and Hotel Pick-Ups in Quito. See list of options.

06:00-06:20Depart from Quito from your selected pick-up point.
08:00Stop for breakfast
09:30Guidance at Cotopaxi National Park, home to one of the world’s highest active volcanoes.
11:30Depart Cotopaxi
13:00 – 13:45Traditional lunch near Quilotoa
14:15Guidance at Quilotoa. Explore the 3km-wide turquoise volcanic crater lake.
16:15Depart Quilotoa
19:30-20:00Arrive in Baños, home to steaming volcanoes, explosive waterfalls and hot thermal springs.


To adventure in Baños; you can raft, zipline, go bungee jumping, paraglide, rappel down a waterfall, and so much more!

Day 3: Baños to Puerto Misahuallí

Departure Days: Wednesday, Friday and Sunday

Pick up points and times

Point 1: Parque la Basílica (main entrance to the Cathedral) 6:30 am. View map

06:30Pick up in Plaza Basílica, Baños.
08:00 – 08:30Stop for breakfast in Puyo
08:20Drop off / Pick up in Puyo
10:00 – 11:00Visit Paikawe Lagoon for some wildlife watching and a canoe ride
10:45 – 11:00Drop off / Pick up at Paikawe Lagoon  (10:45 – 11:00)
11:30 – 11:45Pick up / Drop off in Tena, Hostal Limoncocha

Day 4: Explore Puerto Misahuallí

Stay in the well-known jungle lodges.


Spend the day in the jungle and visit the Cascadas de Latas, some of the most stunning waterfalls in the area.

Day 6: Travel back to Baños on your own

Make your own way back from Misahuallí in the morning or afternoon. In Baños, visit the Casa del Arbol in the afternoon and swing over a mountain, or just chill in the hot springs with the pueblo!

Return to Baños is NOT aboard the Wanderbus. You can take a private vehicle ($50 for 1 person, $60 for 2; $25 per person for 3 or more), or a public bus. The journey takes around 3 hours, or under 4 on a bus.

Day 7: Baños to Cuenca

Departure Days: Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday

Pick up points and times

Point 1: Parque la Basílica (main entrance to the Cathedral) 6:30 am. View map

06:30Depart from Baños from your selected pick-up point.
09:3015-minute stop at Balbanera church for photos.
10:00Visit Guamote or Riobamba to explore one of the most authentic markets in the country. Time for a local breakfast in the market.
11:00Depart Guamote or Riobamba.
12:00Guidance at Ozogoche, 45 lagoons for hiking, fishing and spotting highland wildlife amid dramatic landscapes.
13:00Lunch at Ozogoche, made by the local community.
14:30Depart Ozogoche.
15:00Short stop to visit Alausi. Those who wish to take the train hop off at Alausi.
19:30-20:00Arrive in Cuenca, ready to explore one of South America’s most intact colonial cities.


Explore the historic and bohemian charms of Cuenca, including visiting the Pumapungo Inca ruins, walking along the riverside, checking out the art galleries and shops, visiting a convent and enjoying the cafés, bars and clubs.


Discover more of the treasures just outside the city, exploring Inca ruins in Ingapirca, marvelling at the beautiful river and skilled artisans of Gualaceo, and soaking in the volcanic hot springs under the stars.

Day 10: Cuenca to Montañita

Departure Days: Wednesday, Friday & Sunday

Pick up points and times

Point 1: Parque Calderón (main entrance to the Cathedral) 7:00 am. View map

07:00Depart from Cuenca from your pick-up point.
08:00Guidance at El Cajas National Park for a wet and wild adventure among 200 lakes.
09:15Depart from El Cajas.
09:30Stop for breakfast
11:30Visit at hacienda for the cacao experience and lunch.
13:00Depart hacienda.
15:15Arrive in Guayaquil to drop off/pick up those who wish to stay here.
18:30Arrive in Montañita in time to catch the sunset and hit the party scene.

Day 11

Surf’s up! Get out on the waves and enjoy the beach life of Montañita and it’s nightlife later!

Day 12

Check the sleepy fishing town of Manglaralto for a lazy lunch on the beach, or Olón’s more chilled vibe. Or else organize a hike in the dry forest ecosystem to the east.

Day 13: Montañita to Quito

Departure days: Monday, Thursday & Saturday

Pick up points and times

Point 1: Los Caminantes Restaurant 6:50. View map

06:50Depart from Montañita from the pick-up point.
08:00Pick up in Puerto Lopez
08:30-09:30Cooking experience: Make your own traditional breakfast at Puerto Cayo beach
14:00 – 14:30Stop for lunch
18:30-19:00Arrive in Quito and be dropped off at one of our points.


Bear in mind that, due to our bus schedules, you may need to add one extra day to our recommended itineraries at some stops before continuing your trip. It all depends on the day of the week. Please check our Timetables and Planning Guide.

  • If you want to do the Quilotoa loop, add two to three days.
  • If you want to easily experience the jungle we recommend spending 2-4 days in Puerto Misahuallí, the gateway to all the best Amazon adventures
  • If you have more time we recommend you add 2-3 days in Baños
  • If you want to take the La Nariz del Diablo train we recommend staying 1 day in Alausi
  • If you want to travel to the Galapagos Islands, we recommend being dropped off in Guayaquil
  • If you want to spend more time on the beach, we recommend hopping off the bus in Puerto Lopez for 1-2 days
  • Please bear in mind that the return from Misahuallí to Baños (to then continue south to Cuenca) is NOT aboard the Wanderbus. You can take a private vehicle ($50 for 1 person, $60 for 2; $25 per person for 3 or more), or a public bus. The journey takes around 3 hours, or under 4 on a bus.