Hiking the Inca Trail in Ecuador

The Inca Trail is a system of roads built in the 15th century that connected Quito all the way to Talca in central Chile. Remains of these roads can still be seen today, and are popular hiking [...]


5 Extreme activities to do in Baños

Baños is renowned for its extreme sports such as abseiling or bungee jumping. Tourists from all around the world including other regions of Ecuador come here to get their thrills. Its location on [...]


6 Cool things to do in Cuenca

Cuenca is beautiful laid-back colonial city in the South of the Ecuadorian Andes. We love it for its sophisticated artsy scene, as well as its rich history and yummy food spots. It is the third [...]


Wander Destinations: Quito

  Quito is the capital of Ecuador, and at over 2800 metres above sea level, it is also the second highest capital in the world after La Paz. Due to the fact that it is squeezed between two [...]