Recommendations on food in Ecuador

According to most of my fellow travelers, one of the main reasons to roam the world is to expand culinary horizons. Fortunately, Ecuador’s amazing diversity is also reflected in its cuisine, so [...]


Tourist places in Ecuador

Is Ecuador your next destination?  Do you know about the best tourist places in Ecuador? Are you still figuring out your travel itinerary for this amazing country? Ecuadorians often refer to [...]


Vilcabamba, the Valley of Longevity

As if taken from a fairy tale, Vilcabamba Ecuador is one of those magical villages in the middle of nowhere that gives you the feeling of being in another dimension, especially if you’re [...]


How to get to the Middle of the World?

If you search online “The Middle of the World” you will see hundreds of pictures of people stepping each foot on each side of the famous “Equator”.  Probably you already know that Ecuador was [...]