Bus travel in Ecuador: The good, the bad and the Wanderful

When I first arrived in Ecuador and took a day bus to Mindo, I was shocked to find my beloved Canon G7 missing from my backpack even though I’d been keeping a very watchful eye on my bag. Six [...]


Exploring Cuenca, a charming city rich in culture and history

Known for its picturesque historic city center, Cuenca has become a destination for foreign retirees and is a lovely place to stop through while traveling around Ecuador. Like Quito, Cuenca is a [...]


Alternative Baños: 7 places to escape the crowds

You’ve probably already researched some of the more popular activities to do in Baños, like the waterfall route by bike, the thermal baths, outdoor adventure activities and the Casa del Arbol [...]


Cotopaxi: Ready to climb an active volcano?

  How many opportunities will you have to climb an active volcano? The snow-peaked, classically conical Cotopaxi Volcano looks like something straight out of a National Geographic Magazine [...]


Playa Montañita: Ecuador’s surf and beach party town

A beachtown best known for its surf and nightlife, Montañita is the destination for those of you that want to party, meet other travellers and bask in the equator’s rays. In the following blog, [...]


Where to spend New Year’s Eve in Ecuador

New Year’s Eve is coming up and it’s one of the most important nights of the year: we set our intentions for the new year, we spend time with people we love and we celebrate our [...]


Q&A with Wanderbus Owner and Founder Nicolas Ponce

Wanderbus Owner and Founder Nico Ponce brings logistical and sales smarts to Ecuador’s tourism game through Wanderbus, Ecuador’s first hop-on, hop-off bus. In this short interview, Nico gives us [...]


Ecuadorian chocolate: A sweet hands-on experience at a Cocoa Plantation

Did somebody say chocolate? That’s right. One of the last stops before arriving to Guayaquil along Wanderbus is a cocoa plantation, where you will learn hands-on, how the best chocolate in [...]


Ecuador prices: Everything you need to know

Traveling on a budget will vary greatly between countries. If you’re traveling to Ecuador, you’ve struck gold, quite literally. As one of the top budget destinations in Latin America, you get a [...]


How to choose the best hostel in Ecuador

When you return from a trip and recall your experiences, you’ll realize that your take on a certain place or city depends, in large part, on the hostel where you stayed. At the end of the day — [...]

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