Wander Destinations: Quito

  Quito is the capital of Ecuador, and at over 2800 metres above sea level, it is also the second highest capital in the world after La Paz. Due to the fact that it is squeezed between two [...]


Everything you need to know about Quilotoa Loop

Only a 4-hour drive from Quito is one of the most stunning destinations in Ecuador: the Quilotoa Crater. Formed nearly a thousand years ago following the collapse of a volcano, this crater offers [...]


How to Get from Quito to Banos

Only a few hours from Quito you’ll find Baños, a tropical little town on the cusp between the Andes and the Amazon and at the foot of Tungurahua, one of Ecuador’s active volcanoes. Due to its [...]


Ecuador by bus? Here’s all you need to know


How to Get from Quito to Quilotoa?

One of the most stunning vistas you’ll come across in Ecuador will surely be from the edge of the Quilotoa Crater. Technically a caldera, this crater was formed nearly a thousand years ago [...]


A four day itinerary for your trip to Baños

Baños is a top destination thanks to its location in a lush valley between the Andes and the Amazon basin. It’s famous for its volcanic springs, extreme sports, and waterfalls. Despite its [...]